Spring 2015 NRHS Conference at York, PA: Chapter charter members Steve Siegerist (former Chapter Treasurer.), Valli Hoski (newsletter editor, Chapter VP), and Skip Waters (Chapter VP, Trips and Events).
Spring 2015 NRHS conference in York, PA . (left to right) Harry Fasick, Valli Hoski, Skip Waters, Steve Siegerist
Fall 2015 Plano Train Show
Skip Waters at the Fall 2015 Plano Train Show
All Aboard Skip's Choo Choo Express Trackless Train at the Fall 2015 Plano Train Show
Fall 2015 Plano Slide Show Auction
2015 Texas Western Train Show
Claude Doane puts out another stack of BNSF calendars. BNSF donated all the calendars for the club to give away.
Author David M. Bernstein, autographs his book.
The NTX NRHS table at the January 2016 Plano Train Show. Author David Bernstein on the right.
Jeff Phelps (in the conductor's hat) and Claude Doane make a sale.
Two potential customers review the photos.  Comments on the photos were favorable!
Skip Waters and his Trackless Train at the Spring 2016 Plano Train Show.
Attendees at the 11th Annual Dallas Area Media-Slide Show and NRHS Open House.

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